Can I eat birthday cake and still be healthy?

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birthday cake

Your birthday only comes once a year but that dilemma never gets any easier should I have a big slice of birthday cake or not? In recent months it’s been in the papers that Victoria Beckham rather than having the traditional birthday cake she opted for a fruit platter who knows if this is the true for sure or not as after all it was in the newspaper but the question remains should you or shouldn’t you.

The first thing to think of is that the birthday only comes once a year so having a birthday cake. Okay they are very unhealthy and packed full of calories but this is only once a year so therefore my initial answer would be go for it as long as you’re not having it every day then you shouldn’t have any problems.

Can you make the birthday cake healthier?

This is something I always see healthy birthday cake healthy this healthy that I always say treat yourself sure there’s ways of making the best cake healthier adding less sugar and suchlike but the taste will not be as good and the treat that you are having will still pack many calories but just walked taste is nice to I say go a whole hog. There is one main way of reducing calories in a birthday cake some people like to cover their cake in butter cream even icing I say this doesn’t add very much to the taste just many unnecessary calories I like to substitute this with something to called a cake topper these come in many formats even a photo cake topper these make the cake look superb and don’t contain hardly any calories this product in itself could reduce a birthday cake by hundreds of calories.

If you have a healthy relationship with food a treat once a year should not be a problem even once a month shouldn’t really be a problem so the birthday cake should be a guilt free treat on all your birthdays. If you don’t have such a healthy relationship with food then maybe you should think twice but if you are getting healthy this should be a goal also that you have a better relationship with food so you can treat yourself.

People who have a healthy relationship tend to be able to eat more unhealthy foods as they know when it’s time to stop and start eating healthy this is something that can be learnt over time and witch becomes second nature over time. People have a strategy were they will eat something unhealthy but go for a run this is good plan also.

So they have it that is my overview if you can eat birthday cake and still be healthy the answer is basically yes of course you can because let’s face it your birthday is only once a year and I have even let you know about these brilliant cake toppers that will produce a much less calorie packed birthday cake but still look great and feel great without feeling bad about eating bad.

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