What Things To Consider When Catering For A Large Party Or Event

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Large Party Or Event

If you have ever gone for some social or corporate event where the food was fantastic and the ambiance was exceptional then you probably have the caterer to thank for that. On the other hand, if the food was terrible, the service was slow, or the ambience was not quite right, then the fault lies with the very same caterers. If you are catering for a pizza party, a kid’s birthday, or some other function then there are some important considerations you should have to ensure all guests have a great time.

Guest numbers

The first thing you have to consider as a caterer is the number of invited guests. This will help you make sitting arrangements, prepare the service staff, have enough food for everyone, and generally make the event enjoyable for all. Apart from invited guests, ask the hosts whether guests are allowed to bring plus-ones or extra people and prepare accordingly. No matter what the number of people is, it is best to be prepared by having between 5% and 10% extra food in case of wastage or unexpected guests. Additionally, ask if there will be event staff who will need to be fed and whether they will have the same quality and quantity of food and drinks as the invited guests.

Guest profiles

When preparing your catering services for any event you need to consider what kind of people your guests are. For instance, are they business people who frequently hold such events? Which geographical area do they come from? What is their ethnic background? Such details will enable you plan an appropriate menu and avoid faux pas.

Guest preferences

Knowing what the events guests prefer will help the caterer provide satisfactory service. For instance, are your expected guests vegetarians, vegans, or meat lovers? Are they a younger group that loves fries with everything? Are they a refined group that would frown at anything less than gourmet food? These considerations are very important for the overall success of any event.

Menu choices

Your host and guests will love having meal options to choose from. Create a menu that will cater for different tastes. Some of the general guidelines a caterer should follow include having at least three different entrée choices, preparing more than two salad dressing options, offering varied desserts to cater for different preferences, and serving condiments on the side with the main dish.

Special needs

Every event has different kinds of guests with different needs. The caterer needs to identify some of the special needs of particular guests. For instance, the caterer needs to plan in advance for guests who may suffer from certain food allergies. If the guest list contains people who have dietary restrictions or religious requirements then these should be catered for in the planning of the event’s meals.

Event schedule

Most times, the duration of the event will be one of the most important considerations when planning for the Wood fired pizza catering services. For instance, if there will not be enough time to serve a 6 course meal then it may be more convenient to provide guests with box lunches. If the party is small or there are enough serving staffs to assist, then a buffet may be a wonderful option. If the host plans on a cocktail reception, that will only be possible if a duration  of at least one hour is allowed between dinner and cocktails.

Room setup

A good caterer will use the knowledge about guest profiles and preferences to create the best room setup. For example, a corporate event that has about 15 guests should have a boardroom setup. On the other hand, a banquet style will be ideal for discussions by small groups. Make sure the room setup allows for the free movement of guests and wait staff.

Food Presentation

We eat not only with our mouths but with all our other senses too. Whet your guests’ appetites by offering aesthetically appealing food presentations. Let them enjoy the food even before they dip their spoons and forks into it by just looking at how it is. In this age of social media, if you see many of your guests taking pictures of their plates and posting on Instagram, then you have successfully created an appetizing presentation.

Catering for a large party is very different from catering for a small party. You need to arrange for quick service and smooth flow of meal courses. With the above tips, you will have taken care of all the major considerations for a successful event.

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