Find the Most Expensive Food Ingredients of the World

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Each time you walk past the grocery aisle at the superstore, you probably get horrified at the striking prices, curse the government for being alarmingly inefficient, and make a few calculated guesses about how to squeeze some more stuff into your monthly budget by somehow compromising on the quality and going for a cheaper alternative. If you think that all the grocery items at the superstore are way too overpriced for their quality, then we are almost certain that you’re in for a big shock. What if we told you that there exist ingredients on the face of this globe that are outrageously, ludicrously, outlandishly and probably horribly expensive for their worth (some would disagree here, of course) and you could exchange them for may be a fancier car or a nicer home!

For your surprise and to kill our own curiosity, we have gathered together a list of the six most ridiculously expensive food ingredients of the world. So let’s discover the ultimate skylines of the nourishment biosphere and withhold because one bite will be just too expensive to digest!

6 Ridiculously Expensive Food Ingredients


White Truffles

This extremely rare treat, some would say almost extinct, can be found in the deep forests of northern Italy between a special season around September to December. There are stories that collectors set loose their pigs, hounds and dogs across the small region where these gems can be traced by their superior sense of smell. Due to such scarcity, these nutty truffles are known to be sold at outrageous prices of around $9,000-10,000 per pound. So keep in mind that losing a pinch of this treasure in the wash basin will be a huge loss.

Almas Caviar

Affording a normal tin of Caspian or regular black caviar is beyond an average man’s reach, so what is this Almas thing that makes it even more expensive. Off-white in color, pearly in texture, and creamy in taste, this treasure is dug from an incredibly rare species of extremely old albino sturgeons mostly found in Iran. It is alleged to be sold around prices as high as tens of thousands of dollars for a single tin.

Kopi Luwak Coffee

The story of Kopi Luwak Coffee beans is an interesting one to tell. Excreted in the droppings of a wild Asian Palm Civet, these beans are meticulously collected by the bean collectors especially in the rare Asian-African regions. Stories have explained that these Asian civets digest the coffee beans as a part of their diet where digestive enzymes detox them in their stomachs and then literally poop them out. They are so scarce that only a handful (around 500 pounds) is produced every year. Each pound costs around $500.


Derived from the flower of crocus, grown in the dry areas of Mediterranean and Middle East, Saffron is probably the most expensive herb in the market. This aromatic herb costs around $3000-4000 per pound because of its extremely rigorous plantation process. To gain a few shreds of fine saffron, probably acres of land is cultivated with crocus flowers requiring long, tiring hours of extensive labor.

Kobe Beef

Japanese are to be blamed for this utterly expensive variety of Wagyu cattle. Kobe beef is known to come from cows that are fed solely on pristine beer and given regular human massages to sculpt their meat into tender fatty bulges. These delicious meaty cuts straight from Japan are known to cost around $3000 for a single rib eye and around $2000 for a steak for 4. Who knew beef could be holy as well as this expensive!

Yubari Melons

Melons are great summer treats; they taste good, they keep you hydrated, they have multiple medicinal benefits and they are easy on the pocket. But, The Yubari Melons cultivated and sold in certain regions of Japan beg to differ. With prices as high as $30000 per melon, this Yubari species is one of the most expensive ones in the world. After they are picked, they are ranked from one to four and sold to the most affluent customers available in the market. Even, the one graded melons make it to the glistening window displays of the most expensive grocery stores around the world.

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