Pritchon de Leche: A Recipe for Every Juan

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In every Filipino occasion, nothing beats a dining table with a Filipino lechon or also known as a roasted pig on it. Lechon is known to be the symbol of every Filipino feast that happens almost every year. From the holidays to even the simple gatherings of the family, one can expect to see a lechon de leche ( type of roasted pig) right in the middle of the dining table.

What makes lechon a Filipino favorite? In every festivity, the fun of fighting over who gets the crunchiest skin and the best parts first, makes eating a roasted pig thrilling and exciting. Aside from the good old crunch that we all love, making up a dish out of the left over lechon is a way to go. Back in the days, after wrapping up a family gathering at home, there will always be some leftover lechon. As expected the next day, our viand would be the traditional lechon paksiw (a lechon cooked in vinegar). This seriously never gets old.

Traditionally, lechon de leche is marinated all over and cooked over a fire for a couple of hours. Due to the innovation of cooking gadgets and new formulation of recipes, a new way of cooking leftover lechon has been introduced. Instead of the typical paksiw, deep-frying is the new way to cook it. This makes the skin crispier and crunchier.

Making lechon paksiw out of leftover lechon de leche is too common. While scanning through cookbooks and watching countless cooking shows on TV, the thought occurred to me about making a new lechon dish that is easy to prepare. I would like to call it pritchon de leche. Pritchon is a combination of the Filipino words prito, which means “fry” and lechon for the roasted pig. Pritchon de leche is a treat you should definitely try. A new way of cooking leftover lechon crisped and wrapped to perfection.

Pritchon de Leche Wraps


1 whole fried leftover lechon

Pita wraps

Cucumber (peeled and diced)

Spring onions

Hoisin Sauce (or any sauce of your choice)


  1. Slice the lechon into strips.
  2. Spread the Hoisin sauce or any sauce of your choice onto the pita wrap.
  3. Top with lechon strips, cucumber and spring onions.
  4. Wrap and serve.

Who says this pritchon de leche does not have health benefits? Yes, lechon may be rich in bad cholesterol, which is why you only place small amounts in the wraps. As for the Pita wraps, it has dietary fibers responsible for our digestive system.

The fun part about making pritchon de leche wraps is you can create your own ingredients by adding in different fillings and making your own sauce. Aside from the Hoisin sauce, I highly recommend sauces like honey mustard, white garlic, and spicy liver puree. To make a party more fun, add in a “create your own pritchon” station for guests to mix and match sauces and fillings along with the crispy and delectable lechon de leche.

Every bite of a pritchon de leche is heaven as you hear the crunching sound of the lechon skin in your mouth. I really would not ask for anything more, aside from a pritchon de leche during the festivities or even just chilling at home. Not only does it reflect a fine taste when it comes to food, but also mirrors the delicious taste of Filipino cuisine.

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